November Week 1 Reads

1.) Is TikTok Revolutionizing the Music Industry? 2.) Is A November Pump In The Cards For Crypto? 3.) Amazon Tests Bipedal Robots: The Dawn of a Robo-Revolution?

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Mode saw 150x revenue growth from 2019 to 2022, a leap that has made them one of America’s fastest growing companies. Mode is on a mission to disrupt the entire industry with their "EarnPhone," a budget smartphone that’s helped consumers earn and save $150M+ for activities like listening to music, playing games, and ... even charging their devices?!

Over 11,000 investors already acquired shares — and with only days remaining prior to their bonus tier closing, allocations are limited.

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Here are this weeks insightful reads:

1.) Is TikTok Revolutionizing the Music Industry?
2.) Is A November Pump In The Cards For Crypto?
3.) Amazon Tests Bipedal Robots: The Dawn of a Robo-Revolution?

Is TikTok Revolutionizing the Music Industry?

Social media is now the new stage for emerging artist, and TikTok stands at the forefront. This massive cultural shift in the way audiences consume music is astounding. Forget the days when radio stations ruled the music world. TikTok has taken center stage, reinventing the industry in ways that were once unimaginable.

Not long ago, commercial radio dictated the rise and fall of artist. Your favorite songs were carefully curated by program directors and big promo budgets from record labels. But in the age of TikTok, the game has changed, and it's forever different.

TikTok has attracted over a billion monthly users who could care less about radio. On their platform anyone can become a music sensation, and TikTok doesn't just the play music, it’s beginning to reshape it.

In this new reality, artists no longer write songs, they compose virality. Their focus isn't just on crafting melodies and lyrics that resonate but crafting ones that trend. For musicians, TikTok isn't just a platform, it's a launchpad and a means to reach millions by creating that one infectious tune. Aspiring artists have learned to think like virologists, looking for the magic formula to create a song that spreads like wildfire.

In this TikTok universe, attention spans have shrunk to a mere fifteen seconds, forcing musicians to adapt. The traditional three-minute format has made way for micro-melodies, quick bursts of creativity that captivate in seconds.

The TikTok revolution has given birth to a new era in music. The spotlight isn't only on the music artist, it's also on the raw visual creativity that can hook an audience. So artist no longer need radio, they can upload their content and watch as the world takes notice in real time. As the music industry reshapes itself into this fusion of sound and vision, a new generation of artist will emerge.

But one big caveat here that is worth mentioning:

TikTok is available to everyone, everywhere, and that is great. Giving everybody a chance, but with this availability, comes absolute saturation.

So maybe, after a few years of a constant storm of content, maybe we all return to just making music again.

IDK Just sayin! 😎🤘🎸

Is A November Pump In The Cards For Crypto?

As October, dubbed 'Uptober,' comes to a close, the momentum driving Bitcoin's recent price surge is expected to continue throughout November. Several factors have contributed to Bitcoin's 30% gain in the past month, including positive news from Grayscale and BlackRock's ETF listing. Confidence in Bitcoin's bullish trend remains high, with anticipation of potential ETF launches by year-end, possibly pushing its price above $35,000 next week.

Bitcoin's record-breaking open interest, reaching $16.35 billion this year, reflects traders' heightened activity due to increased price volatility. Most of these positions were initiated during Bitcoin's strong rally from October 16 to 24. Although BTC's price appears to be slowing down recently, on-chain metrics continue to support a strong November.

Historically, the fourth quarter has seen a bullish market rally, and November typically continues this momentum. On average, a 10% surge can be expected this November, potentially driving Bitcoin's price toward $37,500.

Recent data suggests a positive outlook as Bitcoin's netflow has remained negative for the past week. A negative netflow indicates a decrease in reserves on exchanges, implying continued accumulation by investors. This accumulation trend hints at a bullish sentiment for Bitcoin in November, with the current netflow at -820 BTC.

Despite a recent price rejection, Bitcoin rebounded from $33,400, indicating significant buying interest at lower levels. Sellers have been applying pressure near the $34,500 mark, creating a battleground for price action. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) trending above the midline suggests a market favoring buyers. A breakout above $35,300 could lead to more buying activity and short-liquidations, potentially propelling BTC toward $36,600. Further surges could push the price beyond $40,000. However, surpassing $35,300 might face resistance, with sellers aiming for a trend reversal. If successful, BTC's price could drop sharply towards $32,400, and a failure to defend this support could lead to a decline to $29,000.

But with billions of stable coin inflows into exchanges signals a possible buying frenzy this week. Stay tuned! 🍿🥤

Amazon Tests Bipedal Robots: The Dawn of a Robo-Revolution?

So Amazon has unveiled its latest brainchild: a robot named “Digit”. while it's just the beginning of a long journey, This is an exciting peek into a potentially robot-filled future and I don’t know how to feel about this!

Amazon’s venture into robotics is nothing new. They ventured into autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), in 2012 with the acquisition of Kiva Systems. These wheeled floor platforms now roam in all of Amazon warehouses, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Cool and I’m all for that.

However, wheels are so yesterday. Amazon's keen to explore a future on legs. The transition from wheels to legs is very significant. Tye Brady, Amazon Robotics' chief technologist, is particularly intrigued by the possibilities that legs offer. 😳 

The notion of humanoid robots is pretty cool. In fact Amazon’s investment in Agility’s Digit robots suggests a growing interest in this field. The humanoid form offers versatility, enabling robots to navigate spaces designed for humans.

Yet, the elephant in the room is scale. For Amazon, new systems must not only bring innovation but also keep up with the company's vast scale. With other startups like 1X, and Tesla entering the humanoid robot ring, there’s a clear race to the top.

Agility’s Digit may not win any awards for human likeness, but it's a frontrunner. With solid funding and a new factory in Oregon, they seem ready to crank out up to 100,000 Digits annually.

Success or failure for Digit at Amazon could send ripples through the robotics world. A victory might open the floodgates to a new era of humanoid workers.

This is a pivotal moment for bipedal robots and a game-changer for the industry. The verdict is out, and the world awaits with bated breath to see if Digit will stick the landing in Amazon’s future robot army.

As for myself, I don’t know how to feel about an “army of robots” 🫣😳🤖

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