November Week 2

1.) The Beatles Song "Now and Then” Fueled By AI 2.) Could The Underdog Cardano Turn Out To Be A Powerhouse? 3.) Elon Musk Envisions a World Without Jobs

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1.) The Beatle’s Song "Now and Then” Fueled By AI
2.) Could The Underdog Cardano Turn Out To Be A Powerhouse?
3.) Elon Musk Envisions A World Without Jobs

The Beatle’s New Song "Now and Then” Fueled By AI

They say the Beatles' "Let It Be" was their swan song, but here's a surprise encore! The Fab Four are back with their "last song," and AI is pulling the strings. 🎶

Universal Music Group, the musical powerhouse, has dropped the Beatles' final masterpiece, "Now and Then." Before you ask, no, it's not a spooky hologram performance, but something equally cool: John Lennon's voice serenading us from beyond the grave, courtesy of artificial intelligence.

A brief documentary breaks down the magic trick: Director Peter Jackson, famed for his comprehensive Beatles documentary "Get Back," wielded some AI wizardry to resurrect John Lennon's voice. With all the high-tech shebang, they managed to uncouple Lennon's velvety vocals from his piano part in the original cassette tape recording of "Now and Then" from the '70s, initially just a demo.

As Giles Martin, the track's co-producer, explained, AI can be taught to recognize voices. It's like telling a robot, "Hey, AI, this is John's voice. This is Paul's. This is Ringo's, and I'm George." A bit like teaching a toddler animal sounds, but way more sophisticated.

John Lennon's son, Sean Ono Lennon, notes in the video that his old man would've absolutely loved the AI treatment. Why? Because experimenting with recording technology was his jam.

The song isn't a solo act, though. Joining Lennon's voice from the afterlife are the two surviving Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, plus the late George Harrison.

As you can imagine, the reaction to the Beatles' comeback has been electric. Fans have praised the new track as "beautiful" and a "work of art." Some are even hoping AI might bring a "Beatles live hologram concert on stage" for the generations that missed their live performances.

But, of course, not everyone's thrilled. There's already a bit of grumbling about this "fake" Beatles song. A recent survey revealed that more than half of musicians have concerns about AI-created music, with "loss of authenticity" being the main worry.

Whether it's viewed as a modern marvel or a bit too AI for your liking, one thing's for sure: The Beatles are proving that even 40 plus years later, they're still making an impact on the industry. 🎸🎤🤖

Could The Underdog Cardano Turn Out To Be A Powerhouse?

Cardano's recent on-chain metrics suggest a bullish run, coinciding with Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai. ADA has seen a 36% rise in the past two weeks, with an impressive 9% jump in one day, reaching $0.3183.

Long-term HODLers find this appealing. About 61% of ADA holders have held their tokens for over a year, and 29% of ADA supply is concentrated in fewer addresses.

Despite this, 74% of ADA holders are "out of the money" at current prices, which may lead to some profit-taking if ADA's price continues to rally. High transaction volume, over a whopping $22.56 billion last week, indicates substantial interest in the ADA network.

These positive signs align with Cardano Summit 2023, with over 100 speakers and various topics. ADA is currently trading around the $0.318, and technical indicators suggest a positive outlook long term. A continuation in this price appreciation could lead to a rally up to $0.40.

While short-term volatility is possible, Cardano's long-term potential is very promising. So while everyone is caught up with Ethereum, Solana and XRP, Cardano's ADA might just emerge as the surprise powerhouse! 💰😎💰

Elon Musk Envisions A World Without Jobs

In a thought-provoking conversation with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the AI summit in London, tech tycoon Elon Musk made a striking prediction - that artificial intelligence could render human work obsolete.

Musk, known for his investments in AI and self-driving cars, expressed concerns about humanoid robots that "can chase you anywhere." He emphasized the safety risks associated with this technology and the need for regulation.

While the discussion delved into the benefits of AI, such as providing companionship to those who have trouble making friends, it circled back to the potential disruption of jobs. Musk acknowledged AI's potential to replace most jobs, leaving individuals to seek personal satisfaction outside of employment.

Despite the philosophical musings, there were no significant announcements about AI's practical applications or regulations in the UK. Nonetheless, the event served as a platform for a unique discussion on the transformative power of AI and the challenges it presents to the future of work. 🏃‍♂️🦾🤖